Great Info about Windsocks and Their Uses

You’ve probably seen windsocks in various firms in your area. Traditionally, windsocks were often found at airports and weather stations. Nowadays, windsocks are installed for various uses. Here, we will be looking at some of the things you need to know about installation of windsocks and their use.

What’s the purpose of windsocks?

The main purpose of windsocks is to measure the strength and show the direction of the wind at airports, helipads and heliports. Today windsocks are used for several commercial and industrial purposes. Most manufacturing companies rely on windsocks to determine the direction of the wind. This helps the company determine the direction of smoke or any toxic gas that may be emitted from the plant.

We also have promotional windsocks. These windsocks are installed on top of a company or at the same level as a flag for advertising purposes. Whichever material is used, these windsocks are custom-made bearing the company logo or name. You will find these promotional windsocks at the company’s main building or during public events or street festivals.

You can also order a customised windsock for events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversary parties. These windsocks are usually small in size and made of lightweight synthetic material. They are usually made of different colours for decorative purposes. These windsocks are also a great choice when decorating your garden or private patio.

You may also have seen other industrial windsocks in contrasting colours. These windsocks are usually used at sporting activities such as golf tournaments and racing championships. These windsocks play a key role in helping golfers determine the direction of the wind and how best to take a shot. These windsocks are available at Windsocks Direct Online .

How to read a windsock

Windsocks are calibrated to make it easy for users to determine the speed of the wind. These instruments are used to test speeds as small as 3 mph. A standard windsock is usually calibrated between 3 to 15 knots. When the wind is strong, the windsock flies horizontally indicating a velocity of 15 knots or faster. When the windsock flies at half its full extension, the speed can be estimated at 7 knots.

Standard windsocks come in orange and white stripes. These stripes help in estimating the strength of the wind. These stripes are more visible when the strength of the wind is strong. The stripes are spaced at a difference of 3 knots. To estimate the speed of the wind, count the number of stripes and multiply by 3 knots.

How to install a windsock

Although a windsock can be installed anywhere, there are factors you need to consider in determining the right place. The first thing to consider is the location. Choose an open place not blocked by buildings. The place should also be clearly visible for everyone to read the windsock. The next thing is the height of your windsock pole. This will determine how low or high your windsock will be installed.

Are you looking for a windsock for your business? Get the right windsock by choosing the best windsock supplier in the UK. A reliable windsock supplier will install and offer advice on how best you can use a windsock.

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