Things to Avoid When You are in a Student Exchange Programme

You are lucky to have the opportunity to study abroad. At your age, you are already starting to explore the world. Most of your classmates will not have this opportunity until they finish college. Therefore, you need to make the most of the exchange programme.

Try your best to learn with the new students you will be studying with. You also need to educate yourself on the differences between practices in your school and your host school. It is also your chance to discover new cultures and traditions. You will have several months to maximise this experience. By avoiding these mistakes, you will have an exciting programme you will never forget.


You are in a different country, and the prices are not the same as in your home country. You also do not have your parents whom you can run to if you encounter financial problems. If you know how much you are receiving as an allowance each month, you need to stick to it. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Do not hang out with people who will keep inviting you to shop or party. Find friends who understand that you have a limited budget.

Getting drunk

The drinking age is eighteen in the UK. You might not even be of legal age to drink back home, but you are in the UK. Therefore, you feel the urge to get intoxicated since you will not have that chance when you return home for a few more years when you reach the right age. It is a big mistake to get drunk while you are in a study programme. Firstly, it is not the reason why you are there. If your excuse is because you want to have fun, there are many ways to do it without involving alcohol. You might also get in trouble. Imagine if the police caught you doing a criminal act. Not only will you get fined, but your visa status might also be on the line. It would be embarrassing to head home months before your programme ends because you got drunk and did something wrong.

Failing your classes

You cannot afford to fail any class. You will most likely ask for the school to credit your subjects during the programme; otherwise, you might not graduate on time. If you fail your classes, you will repeat them when you arrive home. It will set you back another year. Try your best to catch up. Make friends with people who could provide academic help. Talk to your teacher if you are having a hard time.

Not making friends

Yes, you need to take this programme seriously, but it does not mean you should seclude yourself from the world. You can still make friends, hang out and explore different places. Make sure you choose the right people and remain in contact with them even when your programme ends.

Not following your host family

You are lucky to have a host family during your stay. You will feel like you are not far from home because you have new parents. Learn to respect them and follow their rules. Your parents entrusted you to them. If you do not have a host family yet, you can search for options at HFS London and find further information.

By avoiding these mistakes, you will have a successful student exchange programme.


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