What are the Pros and Cons for Emigrating to Australia?

Are you considering giving up life in Britain for a new start down under? Many people choose to immigrate to Australia and there are a lot of advantages to living here. The economy is strong, the weather is hot and sunnyand the people are laid back and friendly. Overall Australia is a great place to live that offers some amazing advantages. However, moving to Australia also has its disadvantages as well.

Before you make any big decision such as an international move, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of your choice. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of moving to Australia:

Emigrating to Australia


  • Australia has a thriving economy and a need for skilled workers, which means that there are a lot of job opportunities up for grabs when you obtain your working visa for Australia . If you have skills and qualifications you will have the potential to make a good wage.
  • Although the cost of living is high, there is a high minimum wage to match.
  • The climate in Australia is excellent and you will have an abundance of beautiful, warm sunny days.
  • Australia is very uncrowded with a low population density , so you will not experience a lot of pollution and congestion. There are a lot of beautiful unspoiled wide open spaces to enjoy.
  • There is a lot of choice when it comes to real estate options throughout Australia.
  • The transport within most of the large cities in Australia is very good.
  • There are many fun festivals, sporting competitions and other events throughout the year. There’s always something fun happening in Australia.
  • Australia has many gorgeous beaches where you can swim, surf and soak up the sunshine.
  • Australia is known for its laid back attitude and Australians have a fun and happy go lucky nature. Your Australian friends will likely be relaxed, outgoing and very friendly and welcoming.
  • The country has a relatively low crime rate so you can feel safe and secure, as there is a lot of effort by the government to keep the crime rate low.

visa for Australia


  • There is a higher chance that you will encounter massive spiders, poisonous snakes and other creepy crawlies.
  • Australian television is terrible. There are only a few shows and they are cheesy soap operas and reality shows, interspersed with infomercials. This is often cited as a top reason why British people don’t last when they move to Australia. However, the reason why TV is so bad here is that it is less important – Australians are much more likely to go outside and do something, such as having a party in their yard, going for a swim in the sea or walking in the wilderness.
  • You will also find that there is a staggered release for films and music in Australia, so you are always a little bit behind the newest releases.
  • Political correctness doesn’t really exist much in Australia culture. Many people are openly racist and might say things that offend you.
  • Property is very expensive and the market favours the seller, so you will need to pay a lot for your dream home.
  • If you live in a small town in Australia you could find yourself quite isolated and far away from any events or culture.
  • Although the transport within the cities is excellent, outside of the cities it can be very poor and sometimes even non-existent. Unless you live in a large city you will need to own your own car – and even that will be expensive.
  • If you want to enrol your children in a private or international school is Australia the fees will be very expensive and the competition will be fierce.

These are just a few of the pros and cons to consider when you are deciding whether or not you should immigrate to Australia. The choice is a difficult and important one to make, as it will make a big impact on your life.

Think about what your life will be like and whether or not the pluses will outweigh the negatives in the grand scheme of things. The decision must be your own and if you feel like moving to Australia from the UK is the best option for you there are many emigration assistance companies that can help you to make the move.

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