Modern SEO Techniques to Improve Your Business' Ranking

Search engines work non-stop to rank the billions of sites on the Internet, which produce an almost incalculable amount of content. Google alone, the largest of all search engines, records over 3.5 billion searches daily. For your brand to rank high enough and potential visitors to find your content, you’ll need to follow Google’s rules.

Bet on the credibility of your link-building strategy

We know that a link building strategy is one of the SEO variables most valued by Google. But, as with everything, quantity does not mean quality. More backlinks do not always result in higher rankings, especially when they are not credible. Google's rating always falls on the authority of the website that links to your domain. If the sites in your link-building strategy have no reputation or are considered spam by Google, it may not be boosting but adversely affecting your ranking. Betting on relevance and creating quality content is one of the main rules in SEO. It is wise to hire a SEO agency to assist you with these marketing campaigns to ensure that you are creating a credible and well-oiled campaign.

Create relevant content

Knowing how to identify high performing content in your market segment and develop it, in a relevant way, on your digital channels, is one of the best SEO tactics. Relevant content is everything that your buyer personas will tend to value, follow, and share. Tools such as SEMrush or Buzzsumo can help identify which content, in your area of ​​expertise, tends to generate greater interaction and sharing. A/B testing and influencer insights are also techniques to help you create higher quality and relevant content.

Optimise your landing pages

One of the metrics that Google uses most to assess quality is the bounce rate. How quickly do people leave your site after clicking on it in search results? The moment that, after clicking on your site on the search results page, users discover that the content is not relevant to them, they will quickly abandon it. Google records these events and, if it happens more often, deletes your position for the respective search term. Your landing pages should be structured to respond, in an organised, user-friendly, and intuitive manner, to the needs, curiosity, and/or search motivation of users and, in particular, their buyer personas. Work on your landing page’s meta tags according to the stage your users are in the purchase journey. Determine your goals and always keep your promise.

Use Infographics

People love infographics and they are, in fact, extremely effective in an SEO strategy. Consider that 65% of people are visual and learn best through images. Images are also easier to remember.

Optimise for voice search

“Hey Google”, will be the voice of the future of search. It is not a utopia, it is already happening. Voice search is the big digital trend of the moment and it is estimated that currently, 35.8% of millennials use voice-enabled digital assistants at least once a month. In particular for e-commerce in general and local businesses in particular, this is a powerful SEO tool that can, in 2020, make a difference and position you at the forefront of digital trends.

In conclusion, the SEO game is tough; there are very few winners and a pile of losers. Many people continue to avoid SEO out of ignorance or because they consider it too technical. But, content, or organic SEO, is about 5.66 times better than paid search ads.

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