Mobile Phone Technology – Industry Buzzwords

We are all aware the buzzwords which have enter into our way of life using the growth of the Wireless industry. But are you aware the things they mean? It’s confusing as you would expect so let us attempt to clarify a few of the terminology associated with we’ve got the technology.

Wireless – describes telecommunications by which electromagnetic waves have a signal over area of the communications path.

1G – First Generation, Cellular systems according to analog technology.

2G – Cellular wireless according to technology. 2G systems offer elevated voice quality and ability to handle more calls.

3rd generation – Systems concerned with voice capacity and supply high-speed data. 3rd generation will enable customers rich in-speed data, advanced global roaming that has been enhanced multimedia abilities. CDMA offers the grounds for 3rd generation technology, that has been implemented as CDMA2000® and WCDMA (UMTS).

Air card – Aircard® is really a registered trademark possessed by Sierra Wireless and it has become symbolic of a radio PC card.

Rim – Two-way wireless device that enables customers to check on email and voicemail (via text), and page other customers utilizing a wireless network service. Blackberry® customers must sign up for a radio service that gives data transmission service.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology – may be the low-energy, short-range radio technology that enables digital electronic products for example cell phones, headphones, Smartphones, notebook Computers as well as cars to “talk” to one another without wires and simply transfer files at high-speed.

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access, CDMA cellular systems use a single frequency band for those traffic, distinguishing the person transmissions by setting them unique codes before transmission.

Cellular – Analog or digital communications where a customer includes a wireless connection from the mobile phone to some relatively nearby transmitter. Because the mobile user moves in one cell or section of coverage to a different, the phone is effectively passed onto the neighborhood cell transmitter.

EDGE – Enhanced Data GSM Atmosphere- a quicker form of the worldwide System for Mobile (GSM) wireless service

Gps navigation – Gps – an area system with different constellation people Dod satellites.

GSM – Global System for Mobile Communication is really a digital mobile telephone technology

GPRS – General Packet Radio Service, a packet-based wireless communication service that gives continuous internet connection for cell phone and computer customers.

iDEN – Integrated Digital Enhanced Network, An exclusive technology in line with the TDMA standard that enables customers to gain access to telephone calls, two-radio transmissions, paging and knowledge in one wireless device. Nextel Communications® uses the iDEN® standard because the grounds for its systems.

Streaming – an online expression for that one-way transmission of audio and video

TDMA Time Division Multiple Access, a procedure for multiplexing multiple customers onto just one funnel on one company by splitting the company into time slots and allocating these on the as-needed basis

UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, a broadband, packet-based system supplying a consistent group of services to mobile computer and make contact with customers wherever they’re situated on the planet

WAP – Wireless Application Protocol – some communication methods to standardize the way in which wireless products, for example cellular telephones and radio transceivers, can be used as Access to the internet

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