5 Ways to Ensure Your Event Showcases Your Brand Right

Business owners are always figuring out new ways to showcase their products the right way. Brand owners and marketers are going beyond the traditional brick and mortar format to highlight their products and services. Event marketing is a valuable tool in the marketing armory. This article will explain how you can leverage your business breakfast meeting, seminar, or workshop for enhanced brand awareness.

1. Brand your event

Branding your event will go a long way to make your guests remember your business breakfast meeting, networking party, etc. Ideally, your event should be like TED talks; people should associate your seminar with something unique. Event branding also includes how you invite and register your guests, but don’t use Eventbrite WordPress as a plugin, as it diminishes the customer experience and slows down your site.

2.Target your guests

There can be one or more reasons for your marketing event. These could be the launch of a new product or service, opening up of a new store, inviting a guest speaker, making a business announcement or any other subject. Depending upon your business reason, you should draw up a guest list from your target audience .

3. Create an event plan

Your business event won't succeed unless it is backed up by a good plan . Ideally, this plan should comprise the following; a) Date of your party b) Number of your guests c) Time of your event d) Event flow e) Backup plans if plan A fails.

4. Gifts

Your guests will remember your event more if you give them gifts or souvenirs. Also called 'goodies', these objects are constant reminders to guests of the events they attended in the past. You don't have to necessarily buy these marketing gifts. With the right contacts in the market, you can get your desired objects as part of cross-marketing activities. This could include pens, writing pads, etc.

5. Event Logo

A thoughtfully designed event logo will go a long way in making your event thoughtful. Making a logo is not easy but you can do the following. First, identify the message that your logo should convey. Does this message resonate with your brand? ? How big or small should your logo be? What will be its shape and design? What will be your logo's color?

Team and Budget

Like your other business activities, your marketing event also needs a dedicated team. However, you don't need a permanent team; once the event is over, you can disband your team. Studies have indicated that having teams is critical for business success.Your team composition depends on the nature of your company meeting. Most organizations prefer having people from the sales, marketing and PR departments in their events teams.

An equally important part of any event planning activity is the setting up of a budget. Budget setting should not be a random activity, rather, it should reflect on what you expect from your event in the long run. If you are launching a premium car, you might consider throwing a lavish party. If yours is just a lecture-related seminar, the costs would go down significantly.

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