4 Reasons to Rent a Laptop

The ‘common sense’ idea for most people is that things like homes, cars, and laptops should be owned rather than rented. Owning something outright means that you don’t need to make any payments on it and that you are free to sell it on.

However, more people are switching away from buying and towards renting. If you rent something, generally, the person who owns it is responsible for the upkeep, so for your laptop, it means you can be assured it will always be working. Plus, laptops become a lot less valuable almost the second you get them home, so the ‘sell them on’ argument actually doesn’t really hold up. There are also several other benefits to renting, rather than owning, your laptop.

You can get your laptop more quickly

If you are looking to buy a laptop, you are at the mercy of global supply chains when it comes to whether the laptop you are looking for is in stock. Factors like the pandemic have meant that these supply chains have been strained recently , and people have had to wait to get the laptops they have ordered.

While renting laptops doesn’t resolve the global supply chain issue, it does mean that you will be able to have a laptop to work on while you wait for the one that you really want to come back into stock.

It’s a great way to evaluate a potential new laptop

Evaluating and buying a new laptop is really difficult. A lot of the reviews you read will be biased in favour of a certain manufacturer, and even if they aren’t, reviews are subjective and can’t possibly reflect what you will think of a product.

It’s almost impossible to know whether you will enjoy the look and feel of your new laptop until you get it home and start working on it. If you don’t like it at that point, then it can be a real pain to return or exchange it.

If you have a particular model of laptop in mind, one way around this issue can be to rent one for a little while and use it in a ‘real-life’ setting. This will tell you whether it’s the right purchase for you or not.

Keeps you working when yours is faulty

Laptop rental companies like smart.uk.com can often get a laptop out to you the next day, so if you suddenly find yourself looking at the black screen of a broken computer, you don’t need to panic.

Laptop rental allows you to keep working while you send your laptop away for repairs.

Working on the go

Laptop rental is also perfect for people who usually work on a desktop but find themselves needing to work away from their desks temporarily.

At the end of last year, 24% of people were working exclusively from home due to the pandemic. And it’s not just global health crises that leave people having to work away from their desks. People who travel for business or people who are working on an on-site project temporarily can all benefit from renting a laptop that is fully covered and which they can just return when they have finished using it.

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